Electronic FIELD TRIPS to our National Parks

Electronic Field Trips give students the opportunity to learn about a particular topic through national parks they may never get a chance to visit. Each free EFT consists of two components: 1) a televised broadcast from a national park featuring National Park Service Rangers and youth hosts and 2) a website featuring downloadable lesson plans for teachers and interactive games for students. The broadcast and the website complement each other and teach with rich imagery.

All of our EFTs are free and ready to be used at any time with your students. EFTs connect 4th through 8th grade students with national parks through a rich, virtual learning experience. The free EFT program does not simply explore the park. The program explores the subject matter through the park.

CLIMATE CHALLENGE .... North Cascades National prk
THE NINE WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE .... Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
FREEDOM IN AMERICA: SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED .... Independence National Historical Park
DISCOVERING THE MYSTERIES OF .... Bryce Canyon National Park
TAILS FROM THE TETONS .... Grand Teton National Park
EXPLORING NATURE'S PLUMBING SYSTEM .... Carlsbad Caverns National Park
SEARCHING FOR LIFE IN .... Great Smoky Mountains National Park
DESERT DIAMONDS BEHIND BARBED WIRE .... Manzanar National Historic Site
INTO THE CANYON .... Grand Canyon National Park
.... Fort Davis National Historic Site
ERUPTION! AN ISLAND RISING FROM THE SEA .... Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
EARTH DAY 2008; TURN OVER A NEW LEAF .... Everglades National Park
SEA CHANGE .... Gulf Islands National Seashore


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