Jenison, Hudsonville, Grandville - Christian P.A.T.H. Support Group

P.A.T.H. stands for Parents As Teachers at Home. Our Purpose is to unite like-minded Christian families who believe that it is their God-given responsibility and privilege to provide a Christian education for their children. We believe that this education involves every area of our lives, and the Bible is our ultimate authority.

The purpose of a support group is that we can work together in planning activities, field trips, unit studies, etc., to further enhance our children's education while also providing opportunities to develop lasting friendships. Your membership in P.A.T.H. entitles you to a $15 discount to a HSLDA membership, plus family discount on soccer and softball.

Membership information can be obtained through our website:

For more information:
Christian P.A.T.H., Inc.

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