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September 20, 2006

Mark Your Calendar!

September 27 All-State Band & Orchestra Audition Application Deadline

October 4 Student Picture Day

November 8 Deadline for HS S&E Festival Applications

November 22 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)

December 7 Choral Christmas Concert (Including Handbells and Colorguard)

December 11 Band Christmas Concert (Including Ensembles)

December 14 Orchestra Christmas Concert (Including Fiddle Class & Guitar Class)

January 20 HS Solo and Ensemble

February 14 Deadline for MS S&E Festival Applications

February 28-March 3 HS Band/MS Orchestra District Festival (Advanced/Concert Bands & Advanced Orchestra)

March 7-10 MS Band/HS Orchestra District Festival (Symphony Orchestra)

March 24 State Solo and Ensemble Festival

April 21 MS Solo and Ensemble Festival

April 27 & 28 State Band and Orchestra Festival

May 4 & 5 State Band and Orchestra Festival


Polo Shirts All students are required to wear a WMHFA polo shirt while at the Home School Building on Wednesdays.  If you did not receive a polo shirt, stop by the Information Table and pick one up.

Northern Lights Choral Auditions Auditions will continue again this week from 8:30-10:20.

There is room for more students in the Hand Bell Class The class meets from 8:30-9:30.  To enroll, fill out a Class Addition form at the Information Table.

All-State Bands & Orchestras Auditions The All-State Bands & Orchestras will be performing at the Michigan Music Conference on January 27, 2007 in Grand Rapids.  High School and Middle School students from all over the state will be auditioning for the opportunity to participate.  Auditions are November 4 & 5 and cost $5.   Audition requirements are available at the Information Table.  Interested students must sign up and pay by September 27.

Band Buddies We are starting a new program this year to help our new students learn from veteran students.  Everyone who wants to be involved must turn in the Band Buddy Enrollment Form on September 20.

Lunch For your convenience WMHFA will offer lunches for sale from 11:00am-1:30pm every Wednesday.

Lunch Schedule for September 20-pizza; 27-nachos

NEW!  Purchase a lunch card and save 10% when you purchase10 lunch deals for only $27.00!  We will keep the punch card in the kitchen and all your child has to do is give their name.   We will let you know when the card is about to run out. 

Horns of Glory Saxes Needed: Altos, Tenors and a Bari.  Want to learn improvisation and have a lot of fun?  Then come to Room 2 at 3:00.

Free WMHFA Classes! -  Would you like to earn $$ towards your WMHFA tuition, or have it paid in full?  Scrip is a reimbursement program that gives you $$ back for shopping at places you probably already shop.  Stop by the Scrip table on Wednesdays to find out more.  We're open from 10am - 1:30pm.  If this is not a time you are normally at the Home School Building, e-mail Shawn Hillman at rhillmans@sbcglobal.net  for info or orders.

Another opportunity to earn $$ back is by using Meijer Community Rewards.  You need the band code # (280458) when you sign up (you can do this at Meijer, on-line, or by filling out an application from), then you will receive your card in the mail.  When you shop at Meijer, simply swipe your card at the checkout, and Meijer keeps track of your account.  The money is applied quarterly to your WMHSFA account, and deducted from your tuition.  A percentage of the profit also goes to the band and helps keep tuition costs down!  Monthly purchases from $200 - $399.99 give you 1% back, $400 -$ 799.99 are 2% back, $800 and over are 4% back.  You can also have family/friends links, so when they shop at Meijer, it also goes towards your account.  Since pharmacy and gas station purchases do not get credit, we recommend buying gift cards (which do get credit) to make these purchases.  It all adds up for more savings for you!

Keep Your Spartan Labels! - Each Spartan Labels counts toward free money for West Michigan Home School Fine Arts.  Each week the labels can be dropped off in a pink coffee can sitting on the tables by the Script. 

KeyCard Fund Raiser - KeyCards are available for individual purchase, and for students to sign out and sell. The cards sell for $15, with an $8 profit per card. Students may apply $4/card to their travel accounts for future band trips, and $4/card will go into the band account for operation expenses. All money must be turned in by Nov. 8 by check only, made payable to WMHFA. You can turn in one check, or individual checks from your customers. We have ordered 400 cards and they must be sold! This has always been a good fund raiser in the past, and this year should prove to be an even bigger success as the cards are now also good at other locations outside the Grand Rapids area. Stop by the table and take a look at the card and Savings Guide. You will be pleased with the number of places you can save at! Since the cards are good through 12/31/07, you get well over a year of use! They also make excellent Christmas stocking stuffers or gifts for individuals or companies to give to their employees! Please support this fund raiser - monies raised help keep your class tuition costs low!

Leftover Polo Shirts go on sale this week! Leftover shirts will be available after all students have received one.  We will be taking orders of out of stock shirts and may be able to have it for you by the following Wednesday.  Shirts are $15 and come in Royal Blue, White and Black.  (Youth sizes do not come in black.) 

Attention Beginning & Intermediate Band Students You will need the Basics in Rhythm book this year in band.  You may pick books up at the supply table for $17.  You only need 1 book per family for siblings to share.

Family Directory If you are interested in having a directory of families enrolled in WMHFA you may request a copy via email at wmhfa@charter.net or pick up a copy at the Information Table.  We ask that the directory only be used for personal purposes and not for solicitation or other commercial purposes.

MSBOA Festival Medals If you did not receive a medal for participating in the MSBOA Band or Orchestra Festivals last spring, please stop by the Information Table and pick up your medal.

School Picture Day On October 4 photographers will be taking school pictures.  All students and instructors should have their picture taken for the yearbook even if you do not plan on purchasing a package.  Information on portrait packages may be picked up at the Information Table.  You may want to bring a shirt to change into for your picture.

Concert Program Publication Help Needed We need help in the following areas to publish our programs for out concerts.  If you have abilities or availability, please contact Scott March at WMHFA@charter.net or (616)794-2332

         Advertisement Sales on behalf of WMHFA to colleges and music stores This is best done well before the program due date.  A list of all contacts with phones numbers and address is available.


         Program Advertising Coordinator Receive all the ads, checks and keep records. This record is then given to the Marches and the person doing program layout.


         Program Layout - Layout the program for the printer, proofread, delivers and pick up from the printer.

 2007 Graduation Ceremony Do you have a student graduating this year?  Would they like to graduate with their friends from WMHFA?  Sign up on the Graduation Ceremony List at the Information Table so we can determine if we have enough interest to pursue moving forward with plans.

Attention Marching Band Drum Majors & Colorguard - We need all marching band drum majors and colorguard girls to bring in their uniform pants this week.  All students who do not turn in the pants will be charged $40.

Do you still need an instrument for band this year?  If you need help getting a quality, brand name used instrument and do not want to pay high retail prices, then contact Wendy March at swmarch@charter.net or (616)794-2332.




1/4 size cello and 1/4 size violin Excellent condition and marvelous tone.  Have high-quality strings, and cello comes with an extra set.  Both instruments include a Brazilwood bow with horsehair and a case.  Both have been maintained by Guarneri House.  Asking $200 for violin and $450 for cello.  Call or e-mail:  Patricia Stephenson, 895-7816, stephepa@gvsu.edu

I have two tuxedo shirts that I would like to sell that are in excellent condition.  I would like $15 each.  They are Dunhill Tuxedo shirts size small.  Contact Robert and Deborah Graham  sooperdeb@sbcglobal.net

Vito Eb Alto Clarinet for Sale See Mrs. March or contact her at swmarch@charter.net or (616)794-2332


Newsletter Announcements If you would like to have an announcement placed in the newsletter please make sure to have them emailed to wmhfa@charter.net no later than each Monday by 12pm.  All announcements are subject to approval and WMHFA related announcements will receive first priority.  If there is available space in the newsletter we may advertise the sale of instruments or items of interest to the home school community.

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